Data Science South is a collection of courses and blog posts for data professionals of the three main breeds - data analysts, scientists and engineers.

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Datetimes in Python - learn how to work with datetimes in Python.


Make for Data Science - Jan 2022

Make your data science workflows better with this classic UNIX tool.

Python Libraries for New Data Scientists - Jul 2021

An introduction to the Python data ecosystem.

Three Useful Terminal One Liners - Apr 2021

Get lots done with these three simple shell commands.

Should you be using pathlib? - Jan 2021

A comparison of two Python path libraries - os and pathlib.

Three Uncommon Bash Tricks - Dec 2020

Type less on the terminal with these underused Bash patterns.

Customizing Jupyter Lab Shortcuts - Dec 2020

How to setup custom keyboard shortcuts for Jupyter Lab.

Getting the most out of Jupyter Lab - Dec 2020

A guide to the next generation of notebook tooling.

Data Science Project Checklist - Oct 2020

Create a data science project you can be proud of.

Generating Data Science Project Ideas - Oct 2020

Seven strategies to generate data science projects.