What's New

Completed work from the past.

Completed work from the past.

Deep Learning Course & Introduction to Attention

We have added a course on deep learning, with a lesson introducing the Attention mechanism.

Introduction to Git Course Refresh

We have refreshed our lessons on Why Git, Git Patterns and Git Best Practices.

Random Forests Lesson Refresh

We have refreshed our lessons on Decision Trees, Ensembles and Random Forests

Development Environments Lesson Refresh

We have refreshed our Development Environments lesson, adding a section on managing Python locally.

Courses Page Rework

We have reworked the Courses page, making it faster and more responsive :rocket:

Choose a Data Career Lesson Refresh

We have refreshed our Choose a Data Career lesson, improving the structure and content.

Introduction to Data Engineering Pathway

We have introduced our third learning pathway, an introduction to data engineering.

The pathway includes courses on using a shell, Docker, infrastructure as code with AWS CDK, deploying REST APIs. The pathway finishes with a project deploying a REST API serving climate change data - you can use the API here.

Alongside the pathway we have improved our lessons on databases, Python & Git.


We have introduced quizzes for all of the lessons - each section of a lesson has a multiple choice question. Answering the question will mark the section as completed.

Completing all sections of a lesson will complete that lesson.

Frontend Overhaul

We've replaced our CSS framework - we have moved from Bootstrap to Tailwind. Alongside this we have combined the dashboard with the courses page, your latest activity now lives alongside the pathway and course selector.

We have also reversed the order of the lesson, course and pathway hierarchy on the courses page - you now see lessons first, which makes the loop of completing a lesson and starting a new one a bit tighter.

We have also reworked how we handle the PyScript REPL's that allow you to run Python code inside the lessons. All REPL's in the page now print to a single console that will appear above the quiz question. The console only appears if there is a PyScript REPL in the current lesson.

Supervised Learning Pathway

Added the Supervised Learning pathway, covering how to work with supervised machine learning models on tabular data. We now have 52 lessons across 17 courses!

Improved our Reading Python Code sections on Truthy & Falsy and assert statements in Python.

Data Career Lessons

Added two new lessons on Finding a Data Job and Career Materials.

Improved the existing Choose a Data Career lesson with additional content on common data roles.

Changelog & Roadmap

We've added visibility of our completed work in the changelog and future work in the roadmap.


We've added the ability to ask for help - there is now a help button on the navigation bar that allows you to send a help message.


We've added the ability to login with your Google account with Single Sign On (SSO).

Hello World

Our first learning pathway is an introduction to data analysis in Python, consisting of 32 lessons across 10 courses. You can access the courses here.